Custom Compounding For Your Pearly Whites

Universal Arts Pharmacy realizes that there are no two mouths that are alike, showing varying levels of dental health. In being different, each person’s mouth has its unique reactions to particular medications affecting a person’s gag reflexes.

Although, the healthcare industry realizes these differences among patients, the majority of pharmacies carry an inventory that tailors to the mainstream patient.

Universal Arts Pharmacy has the ability and facility to make compounds tailored to each patient’s individual needs with for dentists, orthodontists, and periodontists. These compounds can be made in different dosages and strengths

Ultimately, compounded medications assist in the treating of patients with unique medication needs.

Patient specific medications or medications for office use are available through our pharmacy. For more information on how our compounds can best meet your needs, contact us.

The following is a list of medications that have been ordered by dentists:

TAC Alt 20% Oral Anesthetic

Lidocaine 20%, Tetracaine 4%, Phenylephrine 2%

TAC Alternate 20% is a gel used on the oral mucosa. This compounded medication is a combination of anesthetic ingredients and a vasoconstrictor. TAC Alt 20% has been used as an alternative to local anesthetic injectable solutions by dentist and their hygienist. Click to Review our Advisory Leaflet

Electrolyte Troche

Suppression of Gagging reflexes for Dental Procedures

It has been found that an electrolyte tablet administered and retained intra-orally a few minutes before the start of a procedure can stop or suppress the gag reflex, allowing a mandibular block to be given with much greater ease, which further reduces the gagging reflex. Dent Today. 1991 Dec; 10(9):68-71

Rinses, Mouthwashes & Lozenges

Compounded non-staining antibacterial rinses, magic mouthwashes, oral sedation medication can be tailor made. Lollipops, freezer pops, and lozenge forms are all alternative dosage forms available to be formulated with anesthetic, antifungal, and antimicrobial agents used in pre and post treatment protocols.

Problem Areas/Disease States

  • Bleaching/whitening agents
  • Chronic non-microbial mucositis
  • Xerostomia
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Aphthous ulcers/canker sores/oral lesions
  • Stomatodynia
  • TMJD
  • Angular chelitis/herpes labials
  • Fungus, viral, candida
  • Pre and post procedural anxiety syndromes
  • Gum disease (Gingivitis)

Dosage Forms

  • Troches/sublinguals
  • Capsules
  • Lollipops
  • Gels, oral, topical
  • Mucosal bandages (polyoxyl)
  • Mouthwashes and rinses
  • Dental ointments and pastes
  • Chapstick/lipstick, lip balms
  • Oral and topical sprays
  • Powder puffer
  • Popsicles
  • Injectables
  • Tablet Triturates